lockBUDDY makes an appearance at the Scott Mission Camp in Caledon, Ontario.

lockBUDDY is a symbol of hope and achievement at Walk A Block for Lupus.

A lockBUDDY is much more than a bracelet. When you become a lockBUDDY you commit to your lockBUDDY. A lockBUDDY relationship is materialized by the locking of the bracelet but more importantly it holds a strong commitment to help and encourage your lockBUDDY's.

It feels good to help and support one and another - we need you to feel great everyday! This is why we ask you to - Lock, lock do the BUDDYlock - don't stop!

If you need further support and direction the staff at lockBUDDY has researched and will continue to search for the best websites that will help you through your troubles. As young adults we can't possibility know all the answers when we are growing up.

lockBUDDY can help you help others by refering you to the links below. You can find links to a volunteer center, external links to websites that can help you with a specific need, as well as a link to success stories where lockBUDDY was able to make a contribution, one wrist at a time.


Community Volunteers - lockBUDDY.com enables and organizes
volunteers in the community to be matched up with causes in need.
Simply leave your name with us or browse our ‘hood column to get
more information about how you can participate
and help a BUDDY in need.

Click Here to Enter the Volunteer Center

Resource Center - You do have options! lockBUDDY.com has compiled a library of web links that cater to the specific needs of our community. it’s up to you to take advantage of all the wondeerful services that are available to you

Click Here to Enter the Resource Center

Past Help - lockBUDDY has seen previous success with causes like
The Scott Mission Camp, an organization dedicated to delivering a
pleasant experience for children who normally do not have the
privilege of going to a summer camp.

Click Here to view our past successes

lockBUDDY Achievements - Teens should be praised for all their great
contributions and achievements in thier community. If you or someone you know has undertook a gargantuan task and made a big splash, we want to know about it!

Submit your lockBUDDY achievement stories Here

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