CALEDON, ONTARIO — On Wednesday August 22nd, 68 Scott Mission Campers and 20 counselors, where surprised with an unexpected gift to symbolize their stay at the resort in Caledon this summer.

The Scott Mission Camp is a registered charity, have been helping families for many years’ particularly children and youth from low-income homes.  The Mission offers over 500 children/youth between the ages of 7 and 17 the opportunity to spend a week at their 100-acre campground in Caledon.

This summer 68 children where invited back for an additional week at the camp for their explanatory character and behavior during their first week stay.  As a special gift each camper received a lockBUDDY, donated by Bill Dandie a local business owner and creator of the lockBUDDY (the world’s first locking relationship bracelet).  Bill spoke to a room full of teenagers and said “As an extra reward, we would like give you each a lockBUDDY to take home with you as a reminder to symbolize your summer vacation, your new friendships as well as all the cool things you learned here.”

Jeff Johnson, Scott Mission Camp Director said “Our campers where thrilled to receive lockBUDDY’s during their special camp session. I saw kids playing with the new bracelets and exchanging beads with their friends throughout the week. It is an innovative product that builds friendship and community!”


CALEDON, ONTARIO — On Sunday October 21, in support of Lupus Awareness month, the 6th annual Walk a Block for Lupus took place in communities across Canada, including Caledon East, Ontario.  This is a very important national fundraising event. The goal of Walk a Block for Lupus is to bring together lupus patients, families and friends to not only raise money for Lupus Canada, but to also help increase awareness of the disease.

The Caledon Trailblazers (above) hoped to raise $23,500.00 this year. The team surpassed their goal considerably and raised $31,000.00 thanks to more than 325 generous sponsors.  Included as a sponsor was Bill Dandie a local Caledon East business owner and creator of lockBUDDY (the world’s first locking relationship bracelet). 

Bill said “It was my pleasure to be able to make a donation of lockBUDDY bracelets to The Caldeon Trailblazers auction and to help raise money and awareness for Lupus.  It is a very worthy cause but lupus is a disease so many know little about.”

Team leader Jennifer Oakes (pictured centre), who on her own raised $9,579.80, said “Bill’s support was a real boost to the team and the lockBUDDY bracelets were a huge hit with everyone. Bill’s generous spirit is amazing and I am very appreciative.”

About Lockbuddy

lockBUDDY is the world’s first locking relationship bracelet that you and your lockBUDDY's share.  You cannot add or remove colored relationship beads without one of your lockBUDDY's help.
Cool colored siliBEAD's and/or alumiBEAD's help mark your commitment to friends and family. 

lockBUDDY is a subsidiary of dandeX Holdings founded in 2005.  dandeX is a new breed of company.  Its corporate goal is to develop and manufacture consumer products that make life easier and more fun!  dandeX has a corporate responsibility to be kind to the environment, mindful of overseas labor practices and to ultimately serve as a vehicle to help mankind.

lockBUDDY is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries.


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